On the 18th July, Professor Katherine Runswick-Cole, The School of Education and iHuman, gave a keynote presentation at the Lessons Learned, Actions Needed, Inclusive Education Forum at Queensland University of Technology, Garden Point Campus, Queensland.  Katherine was invited to talk about the lessons to be learned from the recent reforms to provision for children labelled with special educational needs and/or disabilities in the UK.  Other speakers included: Professor Linda Grahame, known for her work on inclusion in Queensland; Senator Jordan Steele-John, a politician and disability rights campaigner and the Queensland Collective for Inclusive Education, a parent group advocating for inclusive education.
Katherine said:
“I was delighted to come to Queensland to learn about their commitment to inclusive education and the work being done to ensure that all children have equal access to education as a human right. At a time in England, when recent educational reforms and cuts to public services are coinciding with very poor outcomes for children labelled with SEND, we need to learn through international collaborations and I am delighted to be working with colleagues at QUT.”
You can watch the presentations here: