On Friday 17th November, our televisions and radios were awash with the annual Children in Need fundraiser, hosted by the BBC.  Celebrities line up to take part in the annual telethon in which millions of pounds are raised for ‘children in need’ in the UK. The money raised goes to support a range of services for disadvantaged children, including disabled children.  We are reminded of ‘where the money goes’ in often heart-wrenching films which show children and their families struggling.

And yet, as one commentator, Anne Murphy, tweeted, the weekend after Children in Need:

“Children in Need fall under Section 17 of the Children Act.  This gives them a right to statutory services. We ignore this.”

Children in need are also children with rights.

The often-complicated relationship between disabled children and their access to rights was the focus of a talk given to the Oxford Children’s Rights Network by Professor Katherine Runswick-Cole on 21st November, 2017.

You can read her talk here ‘Re-imagining rights for dis/abled children