On a crisp, sunny autumn morning in Sheffield, this year’s Crook Fellows* came together to meet with academic partners to explore their ideas for small-scale impact-focused research projects on the theme of disability and disadvantage.

There were wide ranging discussion about the interests of Fellows and academics and about the challenges and disadvantages that disable people face.

By the end of day, project ideas became increasingly focused and achievable.  Projects include: an exploration of the value of self-advocacy in the lives of people with learning disabilities; an inquiry into why so many young people with acquired brain injury find themselves in pupil referral units (PRUs) and a focus on how lessons from the co-operative movement might shape social work practice.  And so by the end of the day, it became clear that our collaborations may focus on challenging disadvantage but are driven by a shared commitment to disability-as-possibility.

Katherine Runswick-Cole and Dan Goodley

* We would like to thank Professor Tony Crook for creating and supporting the Fellowship programme.


An accessible summary of the day’s discussion is here: