Dan Goodley wrapped up a series of iHuman events this week in Melbourne. Working closely with colleagues from the REDI research team at Deakin University, Dan engaged with researchers from across Melbourne and Australia on a number of workshops and events including:

  • Understanding the new Impact and Engagement in Australia
  • Promoting one’s research profile with Early Career Researchers
  • Sharing ideas for research collaboration in relation to inclusive education

On Friday 21st July, Dan delivered a keynote on critical disability studies that scoped current developments in relation to disability scholarship and activism. Critical disability studies is a key community of iHuman and a key international marker of reputation. Dan told us:

Whilst foundational disability studies have developed across Western European and North American locations, critical disability studies heralds a new outlook in which ideas from the Global South are changing the ways we understand disability activism and disability life. My trip to Melbourne has permitted me to learn from a number of researchers, some of whom draw on indigenous knowledge, to rethink the meaning of disability. In addition, my public lecture attracted disabled researchers, and this mix of disability and indigenous activism encouraged innovative debate and conversations. I would like to thank colleagues at REDI for all their support these last couple of weeks

For a taste of some of our critical disability studies work at iHuman please check out our new project, Living Life to the Fullest.