Dan Goodley was involved in the first of a suite of iHuman international satellite events of Melbourne Trip. Dan presented a Keynote Lecture Disability and the Posthuman (Post-Brexit and Trump) at the Past the Posts? Post-inquiry in the Post-truth Era conference, 18-19 July 2017, Deakin University. This conference brought together researchers from across disciplines and the Melbourne Universities to address questions of inclusive education, indigenous politics, posthuman theory and materialist methodologies.

It was a wonderful opportunity to share some of the work of iHuman and to connect with colleagues in Melbourne. I was struck, in particular, with the lessons emerging form indigenous studies in Australia from Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander researchers, in which they demand us to think about the ways in which the human category as it became historically imbued in legislation and law was founded on racist, colonialist and exclusionary practices of white settlers. This led to a recurring question of the conference: what do we understand as the human category and do we want to keep it?