iHuman c0-director Dan Goodley attended a workshop at Erfurt University in Germany between 2nd and the 4th November 2017. Dan was invited, along with researchers from Australia, America and Germany, to debate and discuss papers that address the study of ableism historically and sociologically. Dan told us:

This was an exciting opportunity to engage with scholars about the problem of ableism: an ideological position that values normative standards of mind and body and emphasizes self-sufficiency, independence and autonomy. Such a position risks marginalizing those members of society that fail to meet these corporeal and performative demands. This workshop allowed me to meet up with an old friend of iHuman – Fiona Kumari Campbell (Dundee) – and engage in generative debate with new comrades including Jurgen Martschukat and Nina Mackert (Erfurt University). There are obvious parallels with the work of colleagues in iHuman especially around contesting some of the values associated with the ideal performative body of contemporary society.