The Living Life to the Fullest project, an arts-informed research project funded by the ESRC and led by Dan Goodley, Katherine Runswick-Cole and Kirsty Liddiard from iHuman and the School of Education, is going from strength to strength. The project seeks to forge new understandings of the lives, hopes, desires and contributions of children and young people with ‘life-limiting’ or ‘life-threatening’ impairments (hereby LL/LTIs). Excitingly, the project is gearing up for its second Arts Retreat for young disabled people with LL/LTIs – watch the BBC Breakfast report to hear about the first Arts Retreat.

In the Arts Retreats young disabled people work as artists with leading disability arts organisation Purple Patch Arts to tell new stories of disability based on their own perspectives and lived experiences. In addition, the project’s Co-Researcher Collective, a group of young disabled people with LL/LTIs who are working as co-researchers across the project, fulfilling a range of key research tasks, has just published its first article in Target MD, a flagship charity publication. The group, which makes use of virtual platforms such as Facebook, email and Skype, is currently made up of six young disabled women who have a real passion for change and a keen interest in learning and practicing research. To keep up-to-date with the project, see and follow the Living Life to the Fullest website.