MHS / Insigneo / iHuman Seminar

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Speaker: Klaus Hoeyer (University of Copenhagen)

Title: Post-Truth? Personalized medicine, data intensification and evidence in Danish healthcare

Date and time: 30th January, 2017  16:00 – 17:30

Location: Hicks Building,HI-LT07, University of Sheffield. For visitor information, please see here.


In high-income countries healthcare is currently undergoing intense data intensification. Interests in data are multiple and often competing, but everywhere policymakers, administrators and clinicians seem to agree on a need for more data, of better quality, on more people. One of the key claims of data-intensive medicine is that we are entering an era of personalized medicine that will provide prevention and treatment options tailored to the individual. On what do such claims build? Which initiatives are taken? What type of medicine is in the making? This presentation takes point of departure in on-going Danish developments and explores how data intensification involves demands for data use and in the process reconfigures notions of evidence, patienthood and responsibility.


Klaus Hoeyer is professor of medical science and technology studies at the University of Copenhagen. He has his background in anthropology and has among other things worked on ethics as a form of regulation, exchange systems for human body parts, and safety regulation in the European Union. He co-edited a volume on the anthropology of potentiality (with KS Taussig, Current Anthropology 2013) and is the author of Exchanging Human Bodily Material: Rethinking Bodies and Persons (Springer, 2013). He currently heads an ERC-funded project on intensified data sourcing in European healthcare.