This symposium brings together researchers across the human and social sciences to pause and think about how the human might be understood, theorised and conceptualised in these turbulent political times. This event, jointly hosted by iHuman (the institute for the study of the human) and the Centre for Critical Psychology and Education, School of Education (both at the University of Sheffield), seeks to address questions of the human with direct reference to emergent, critical and radical ideas from psychology, sociology, cultural studies and disability studies. Our symposium seeks to contribute, in some small way, to the development of Critical Posthumanities (Braidotti, 2018). Braidotti defines Critical Posthumanities as ‘The Missing Peoples’ Humanities’ (Braidotti, 2018a: 19) that enjoys a trans-disciplinary exuberance and this framework ‘provides theoretical grounding for the emergence of a … supra-disciplinary, rhizomic field of contemporary knowledge production’.

Contributors include Tom Billington, Dan Goodley, Kirsty Liddiard, Rebecca Lawthom, Katherine Runswick and Jawad Shah. And the event will kick off with a keynote on relational ethics presented by Professor Sheila McNamee; Professor of Communication at the University of New Hampshire. She is a founder, board member and vice president of the Taos Institute and is Professor in the School of Humanities at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. She is the 2001 recipient of the Class of 1944 Professorship and the 2007/2008 recipient of the Lindberg Award for outstanding Scholar/Teacher (both at the University of New Hampshire ). Her work is focused on dialogic transformation within a variety of social and institutional contexts including psychotherapy, organizations, education, health care, and communities. The event is free and lunch and refreshments will be provided. Please only register if you are definitely coming as numbers are restricted. ~Visit