Dr Annamaria Carusi


Annamaria joined the University in May 2015, as Reader in Medical Humanities and Honorary Reader in Philosophy. She was previously at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Oxford, and prior to that, taught at the University of South Africa.

Annamaria is co-Director of Medical Humanities Sheffield

Annamaria CarusiĀ on Twitter @AnnamariaC

Research Interests

Annamaria is interested in connections between epistemic, social, ethical and aesthetic aspects of science, with a particular focus on mediation by material practices and technologies. Her research is deeply influenced by phenomenology (especially Merleau-Ponty), and is also convergent with science and technology studies, philosophy of science in practice, new experimentalism and new materialism. She has published research on images, models, simulations and visualisations in the contemporary biosciences, and on the role of technologies in computationally intensive interdisciplinary settings.

Key Publications

Hoel AS & Carusi A (2017) Merleau-Ponty and the Measuring Body. Theory, Culture and Society. View this article in WRRO


van Baalen S, Carusi A, Sabroe I & Kiely DG (2016) A social-technological epistemology of clinical decision-making as mediated by imaging.. J Eval Clin Pract. View this article in WRRO


Carusi A (2016) In Silico medicine: Social, Technological and Symbolic Mediation. Humana-Mente Journal of Philosophical Studies, 30, 67-86. View this article in WRRO


Carusi A (2014) Validation and variability: Dual challenges on the path from systems biology to systems medicine. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 48, 28-37.


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