Fiona Scott


Fiona is a Lecturer in Digital Literacies at The University of Sheffield. She has previously worked as a Lecturer in Early Childhood at Sheffield Hallam Education.

Fiona Scott on twitter @_FionaScott

Research Interests

Fiona’s work is located in the field of digital literacies. Her research engages with sociomaterial theory to theorise very young children’s intra-actions with digital devices and texts. She is concerned with child and family practices in relation to the digital and, in particular, the role played by social class. Fiona is also interested in research methods and methodologies, including the tensions associated with researching children’s lives in more-than-human contexts.
Fiona’s PhD thesis, produced in collaboration with CBeebies, examines preschool children’s engagements with television and related media at home. The thesis examines how both well-established and new verbal and non-verbal intra-actions constitute children’s unique social practices, practices that transform the meanings of materials at home and shape children’s very early experiences. Her thesis includes a new analytic framework and methodology for ‘sociomaterial nexus analysis’.

Key Publications

Scott, F. L. (2019) ‘Troublesome binaries: Play and learning on screen and off’ in The Cambridge Handbook of Play: Developmental and Disciplinary Perspectives, Eds. Smith, P. K. and Roopnarine, J. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

Scott, F. L. and Bird, J. (2019) ‘Adults researching preschoolers in more-than-human contexts: rethinking ethnographer roles in the age of the anthropocene’ in Educational Research in the Age of the Anthropocene, Eds. Reyes, V., Nye, A. Charteris, J and Mavropoulou, S. I.G.I. Global, Pennsylvania.

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Gallagher, M., Hackett, A., Procter, L. and Scott, F. (Advance online publication) Vibrations in Place: Sound and Language in Early Childhood Literacy Practices. Educational Studies.

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