Harriet Cameron


Harriet is a lecturer in Psychology and Education at TUoS with a background in language teaching and specialist teaching and assessment for students with learning difficulties and differences.

Research Interests

 As a researcher, Harriet is interested in the discourses of learning, ‘well-being’, and learning identity – particularly in the way language around psychological ‘well-being’, and learning disabilities and differences comes to shape the way diagnoses of autism, (specific) learning disability, ADHD and mental ill-health are constructed in specific places, spaces and times. She is also interested in the lived experiences of people who come to be read as ‘deficient’ ( and sometimes as ‘less human’) in learning or communicating, and in how systems, processes, and policies interact with these experiences, both in ‘western’ contexts and in the global South.

Key Publications

Peer reviewed articles

Greenland, L and Cameron, H. (accepted for publication, May 2018) Black or Minority Ethnic’ (BME), female, and dyslexic in white-male dominated disciplines at an elite university in the UK; an exploration of student experiences. Race, Ethnicity & Education.

Cameron, H., Coleman, B., Hervey, T., Rahman, S. and Rostant, P. (in press,  2018) Equality Law Obligations in Higher Education: reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010 in assessment of students with unseen disabilities. Legal Studies.

Cameron, H (2017) Bookishness, blue skies, bright hats and brickies: discourse and positioning in academics’ conversations about ‘intelligence’. Studies in Higher Education.

DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2017.1364718

Cameron, H. (2016) Beyond cognitive deficit: the everyday lived experience of dyslexic students at university. Disability & Society. 31(2): DOI: 10.1080/09687599.2016.1152951

Cameron, H and Billington, T. (2015) ‘Just deal with it’: neoliberalism in dyslexic students’ talk about dyslexia and learning at university. Studies in Higher Education. 42 (8): DOI:

Cameron, H and Billington, T. (2015) The discursive construction of dyslexia by students in higher education as a moral and intellectual good. Disability & Society. 30 (8): 1225-1240

Stafford, T., Elgueta, H., and Cameron, H. (2014) Students’ engagement with a collaborative wiki tool predicts enhanced exam performance. Research in Learning Technology. 22. DOI:10.3402/rlt.v22.22797


Cameron, H. (2014) Close-up, practitioner-led, ‘impact’-ful research in higher education: an example. Published peer-reviewed conference proceedings, Higher Education Close Up (HECU7), 21st-23rd July, 2014. Lancaster. Paper available here.

Cameron, H and Nunkoosing, K (2012) Lecturer perspectives on dyslexia and dyslexic students within one faculty at one university in England.  Teaching in Higher Education. 17 (3): 341-352



Book chapters

Cameron, H. (2016) ”Being’ dyslexic in higher education: reflections on discourse and identity.’ Chapter 22 in Billington, T., Goodley, D., Corcoran, T. and  Williams, A. (Eds). Critical Educational Psychology: Wiley: ISBN-13: 978-1118975947