Lindsay Lee Miller


Lindsay is a doctoral researcher in the School of Education at the University of Sheffield. They are supervised by China Mills and Dan Goodley. Lindsay received a graduate certificate in Gender, Race and Nations from Portland State University in what is now known as the United States of America, where they also completed a BS in Psychology (focus in Neuroscience) with Sociology and Community Health Education minors.

Research Interests

The Psychic Life of Settler Colonialism: Border Imperialism, Madness and the Making and Managing of the Mind

Lindsay’s untimely (non-linear) project studies the entanglements of border imperialism, psy-imperialism, and the scientific invention of the racially hierarchicalized category of the human – especially as they emerge within and are legitimating forces of settler colonialism / conquest as well as the ‘current’ movement for Global Mental Health. Lindsay’s studies engage with fractal thinking as a way to disrupt, unsettle, and ultimately work toward the abolition of the recursive patterns of violence constitutive of modern thinking. Lindsay also refuses allegiance to a disciplinary category and the perceived border between theory&practice. Twitter: @praxivist