Tim Herrick


Tim is a Senior University Teacher in the School of Education.  His background is in adult education, and he teaches across a variety of programmes within the School, working with students at all levels from Foundation Year to doctorate.

Research Interests

As a university teacher, Tim’s research is grounded in understanding educational practice more effectively.  This has led to work on connections between wellbeing and professional development in higher education; the role of education in the identities of people seeking political asylum in the UK; and how training students to act as critical observers of teaching practice supports their personal and professional development as well as that of the lecturers.  In all these examples, there is a concern with people living the richest and most fulfilling lives that are open to them, especially in an era of fragmented national identities and turbulent flows of migration.  Philosophically, this is influenced by the work of Paulo Freire, especially in terms of the transformative power of learning; and Parker Palmer, who writes so well about the importance of relationships within teaching, including a connection within the teacher to their whole self.

Key Publications

Book review (The Student’s Guide to Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Darder), Pedagogy, Culture and Society, 2018

Article in Doncaster Conversation Club newsletter, “Opportunities in higher education for people seeking asylum”, May 2015

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